Guest Author:Michael Walker

Michael Walker (left) is a senior account executive for Liaison’s Healthcare Informatics group.

I recently returned from the End to End Clinical Data Management conference in Philadelphia where the Liaison team had the opportunity to talk with industry leaders and gain insight into new approaches surrounding electronic options for clinical data management.

During the first session Thomas Verish, Senior Director and Head of Data Management, Programming and CSR Writing at Pfizer, reminded us about the pivotal role that data plays in clinical trials and the challenges that clinical operations executives face in managing the data effectively. Following the conference’s themes of optimal efficiency and cost reduction in trials, he focused on the ways in which technology helps minimize costs while speeding drug time-to-market.

Another take-away from the conference was the importance of consistency in the clinical trial processes related to the data. Susan Howard, Assistant Director, Clinical Data Management at GSK and 2012 Chair SCDM, spoke about the need to standardize protocols so that criteria between different studies remains the same. She emphasized that by implementing standard procedures across clinical trials, clinical operations executives will be able to make faster and more accurate assessments of their data.

These discussions aren’t limited to the End to End Clinical Data Management conference, as we’re seeing questions being raised about operational efficiency, cost reduction and clinical trial consistency across the pharmaceutical and bio-technology industries. The Liaison team enjoyed participating in these thoughtful and relevant conversations, and we came away with new knowledge about how our data harmonization and integration services can best meet our clients’ clinical trial needs.

What do you think are the biggest issues facing clinical trials today?

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