Information is becoming a critical asset for organizations across the globe. As it increases in value, so too do the number of threats, as well as the number of protocols and regulations from regulatory authorities designed to ensure that businesses adopt the solutions necessary to ensure that information is protected. While a comprehensive, compliant information security initiative does not come cheaply, there are solutions that will help keep costs down even as the challenges associated with protecting this critical business asset continue to grow.

According to the Aberdeen Group, organizations with encryption initiatives involving enterprise key management achieved an annual cost savings of nearly $100 per end-user compared to those that had no key management capabilities. The same report found that key management systems significantly improved an organization’s ability to support encryption in greater diversity and at higher scale.

As security challenges continue to emerge, Liaison is committed to evolving our offerings to create flexible, scalable, and agnostic key management solutions based on the latest industry standards.  To that end, we just announced several critical enhancements to our Key Manager, including support for OASIS KMIP, which significantly improves client interoperability and configuration usability. Other new features include Key Life Cycle, which adheres to the standards issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technologies, and Quorum-based administration, designed to reduce corporate risk associated with malicious administrators and satisfy the Payment Card Industry’s compliance requirement 3.6.6 for stored data protection.

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