Integration Monitoring Solutions

Accurate and detailed information is critical to any business, and is especially important for those who manage the important messages and documents that keep business moving across the supply chain and enterprise.

At Liaison, we understand the importance of good data and analysis. Our integration monitoring solutions provide complete visibility of your B2B and Application activities, so you can proactively collaborate on integration projects, review and monitor performance against service level agreements, and dynamically manage your trading and business partners.

Where Innovation Meets Flexibility, You’ll Find a Powerful Solution

You want options. We get it. That’s why Liaison’s integration monitoring has been designed with flexibility in mind. We offer LENS, one of the first cloud-based, end-to-end business activity monitoring solutions. Our solutions also support virtually any enterprise data source, making it possible to combine enterprise application and business activity monitoring into a single view for complete transparency into data exchanges. With this transparency, you can:

  • Mitigate business risk: Through real-time transparency for critical B2B and application integration messaging, Liaison gives you the visibility needed to keep business moving.
  • Simplify business activity monitoring and management: Liaison delivers an interactive, real-time and user-friendly view into B2B and EDI messages, message statistics, performance statistics, system monitors, trading partner set-up information, support call ticket information, billing information, alerts and notifications.
  • Decrease management costs: With easy-to-use and comprehensive integration monitoring solutions, we help you reduce the management costs of integration.
  • Improve business and supply chain performance: Liaison improves business performance and margins through tighter supplier/partner relationships and enterprise application visibility
  • Increase responsiveness to transaction hurdles: Our monitoring capabilities help you quickly detect and respond to process exceptions across every transaction occurring in the trading environment.

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