Make Your Data Work for You
to Create Your Competitive Edge

Find out how we can help you achieve faster, cleaner, better data that has a big business impact.

Data is one of your organization’s most valuable resources. When fully leveraged, it will help your organization control costs, understand its customers and the market and, ultimately, improve the bottom line. Liaison’s agile, cloud-based data management solutions provide that leverage, taking your data beyond basic integration and turning it into insightful and actionable information. In addition, Liaison’s data management solutions not only empower our customers to solve classic master data management (MDM) challenges including mastering of Customer Masters and Product Masters, but also to create data models that suit their business needs. Liaison’s powerful workflows, along with an architecture based on big data infrastructure, also add value in relationship discovery and taking actions on top insights.

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“We now have enterprise wide visibility to consistent, high quality product data enabling us to streamline strategic sourcing and replenishment processes while increasing our overall service levels.”

-Donna Long, Unisource