Discover True Security with Format
Preserving TokenizationTM

Find out how our team incorporates privacy capabilities into the
infrastructure to secure sensitive data from threats.

When it comes to security your business cannot afford to take risks. You must balance your customers’ zero tolerance for disruptions to services or response times with your mandate to protect their sensitive information. Finding this balance is especially critical when dealing with personally identifiable information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI), and protected health information (PHI) data. At Liaison, we have years of experience to not only take on the compliance onus of privacy standards, but also deliver a unique hybrid tokenization solution that helps you scale up to your growing business needs in real time. Liaison’s tokenization solutions are available as standalone on-premise solutions or as cloud-based Tokenization as a Service (TaaS) subscription through our Alloy Platform, to meet your business needs.

“Liaison was the only vendor we evaluated that could provide tokenisation out-of-the-box effectively. Just as important, the Liaison advisors understood the challenges of our retail environment and came up with clever ideas for our unique situation.”

-Aqil Nasser, Debenhams