Unify your data. Drive insights.

Gain a competitive edge with cloud-based integration and data management.

Enterprise Application Integration & Data Management

Liaison's cutting-edge cloud ALLOY™ Platform transcends the constraints of legacy integration software. Built from the ground up to address today's biggest technology disruptors, ALLOY solves today's enterprise application integration and data management challenges in a fundamentally different way.

Unified Platform

  • Unify integration & data management
  • Solve current use cases with less overhead
  • Tackle new use cases like big data and complex event processing

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    Managed Services

  • Skip the integration learning curve
  • Leverage our 15+ years of experience
  • Free up your scarce IT resources for more strategic initiatives

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    End-to-End Compliance

  • Reduce your compliance burden
  • Inherit full compliance for PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other regulatory frameworks
  • Protect ALL data—in transit and at rest

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    Discover the critical role integration plays in your organization's digital transformation.

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    What's driving the growing adoption of B2B integration as managed services? Find out here.

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    Join Liaison CEO Bob Renner as he exposes the crippling weaknesses of the DIY integration solution compliance profile.

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