ALLOY® Platform Elite

ALLOY Platform Elite

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ALLOY® Elite Compounds

  • B2B Gateway (EDI)
    Connects your Trading Partner Community with Liaison’s Cloud-based B2B and EDI Integration Solutions
  • B2B Integration (MFT)
    Enables fast, secure, and reliable electronic transmission of all documents and files for your extended enterprise.
  • Standard Application Integration
    Tailored services providing interfaces and adapters to popular software- and data-as-a-service offerings and to on premise applications.
  • Security
    Protects all aspects of your business from business-critical, sensitive and regulated data loss
  • Data Management
    Make your data work for you to create your competitive edge. Data is one of your organization’s most valuable resources. When fully leveraged, it will help your organization control costs, understand your customers and the market and, ultimately, improve your bottom line. Liaison’s agile, cloud-based data management solutions provide that leverage, taking your data beyond basic integration and turning it into insightful and actionable information
  • Data Views
    Data is put in the hands of who need it, when they need it and how they need it with advanced materialized views capabilities that provide aggregated summarized views of your data in variety of formats such as GRAPH, Elastic Search, RDMBS etc.
  • Enterprise Application Integration
    Tailored services providing interfaces and adapters to popular software- and data-as-a-service offerings and to on premise applications, making it easy for companies to connect with customers, partners, e-commerce vendors, carriers, payment gateways and CRM, HR and other systems critical to internal and external operations.
  • Master Data Management
    Your environment is unique, so why try to fit your requirements into an off-the-shelf solution? Our experts will make sure that your issues are treated as such, and will tailor your solution to fit your exact needs – saving you time, money, and frustration. The Liaison ALLOY Platform allows for this customization and can easily be scaled to future-proof your business
  • Streaming Integration
    Get competitive advantage by strategic use of your supply chain data which is already captured by the ALLOY platform that connects your Trading Partner Community with B2B and EDI Integration Solutions.

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ALLOY Elite Bonds

  • ALLOY TaaS
    Used by organizations around the globe for best practices in encryption, tokenization and key management, available as a cloud-based tokenization service – Tokenization as a Service (TaaS).
    Cloud Connector that enables companies to easily and quickly exchange data with trading partners and customers to improve last-mile integration that extends beyond the walls of their business
    Ariba and Liaison have created Liaison Integration Adapters to address the specific integration needs of Ariba suppliers. Liaison mediates between the communication protocols and data formats used by your company and your buyers, ensuring rapid connections and immediate business value.
  • APIs
    Powerful APIs to accommodate custom integration use cases
  • Liaison EMR-Link
    EMR-Link offers unparalleled workflow efficiency and integration with clinical workflows, virtually eliminating errors that cause rework and delays.
  • Liaison Remedy
    Access to an integrated view of all data enables physicians, hospitals, researchers, patients, and payers to make better healthcare decisions and track results to determine the appropriateness of the decision
  • Liaison ECD
    With Content Director you can access real-time, unified views of master data that is fragmented across different systems.
  • Activ (3rd Party)
    Liaison ALLOY has seamless integration with Activ’s Harmony, a cloud based secure platform to deliver a collaboration space for original equipment manufacturers and suppliers to manage demand.


ALLOY Elite Views

  • LENS Standard
    Complete, real-time visibility into the ALLOY Platform to explore reports and create dashboards for business users.
  • Conveyor
    Provides an easy way of uploading/downloading documents and tracking their electronic transmission
  • LENS Premium
    Gain complete visibility into the data flows and the data itself within the data orchestration and data persistence modules in addition to real-time visibility into the ALLOY Platform to explore reports and create dashboards for business users
  • Compliance Audit Support
    Let Liaison assist with managing expensive and labor-intensive compliance and audit requirements


ALLOY Elite Crucibles

  • Match & Merge
    Visually utilize the power of advanced data cleansing tools and a specialized matching engine to find and fix data quality issues in order to streamline the complexity of matching, cleaning and preparing data for analysis
  • Data Model Designer
    Visually modify and create data model entities, associations and mapping relationships
  • Forms Designer
    Facilitate the process of combining template and data models to create custom interactive forms to support user-entered data
  • Workflow Designer
    Visually create data pipelines that help you process and move data between cloud services and on premise data sources

ALLOY Platform Components Defined

“Compound” is the term used for logical groupings of microservices and connectors, such as API’s (“Bonds”) that provide a feature set to a subscriber to solve a particular business problem or enable such a solution.

“Bond” is the term used for connectors to Liaison and non-Liaison solutions. Connectors to Liaison services are called Ionic while to non-liaison are called Covalent.­

“View” is the product category name for a family of ALLOY apps designed to provide ALLOY Platform subscribers the ability to view (gain read-only access) across a set of platform services.

“Crucible” is the product category name for a family of ALLOY Apps designed to provide subscribers to the ALLOY Platform the ability to perform certain self service functions

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