Data Integration, Simplified with Contivo

Data mapping is a costly, tedious process mired with human error and frustration. Enter Contivo —a proven design-time semantic integration technology that helps reduce the risk, time, cost and effort of integration projects through the use of a centralized, semantic metadata repository. 

Experience a Forward-Thinking Data Transformation Solution

Contivo enables users to capture, manage, organize and leverage all of the integration metadata in an enterprise. By associating the metadata with a semantic “dictionary”, Contivo establishes an integration vocabulary and thesaurus. Contivo then leverages the vocabulary and thesaurus to automate data transformation and reconciliation tasks that are traditionally implemented using manual mapping techniques.

Contivo Vocabulary Management Solution™(VMS) is the market-leading B2B/EAI solution for enterprise-ready data transformation and semantic integration – enabling companies to dramatically reduce the time, cost, and complexity of integration projects, no matter who provides their integration infrastructure. The Contivo VMS suite comprises the Contivo Analyst, Repository and Builder products.

Contivo Analyst automates much of the work involved in data map design, allowing users to customize the integration maps by adding transformation rules, test the maps and then deploy the transformation code to the most popular integration runtime environments.

Contivo Repository provides the semantic and communications foundation for the rest of the Contivo VMS suite, along with web-based search and analysis capabilities, whether you are doing SOA, canonicals-based, cloud, B2B, or other kinds of data integration. The Repository provides a sophisticated information architecture so you can understand your overall integration data architecture.

Contivo Builder helps with data integration through canonicals and relates application data structures to logical data models and enterprise vocabularies.  It models the field a service needs and generates documented minimal conforming subset XML schemas for a service. Builder also reconciles new versions of a schema against existing data models.

Contivo Map Intuition combines an inference engine with a user interface that rapidly guides users through the process of finding optimal mapping scenarios. Unlike more traditional approaches to auto-mapping that require a significant amount of preparatory work, Map Intuition applies artificial intelligence to the mapping process to rapidly generate more accurate maps.

With Contivo, expect a robust data transformation design and code generation environment that enables your business to:

  • Break free from rigid data standards: Portability across all integration platforms and versions including, but not limited to; Software AG webMethods, TIBCO BW, SAP PI, Oracle Fusion, hardware appliances such as Layer 7, Cisco AON/AXP and IBM Datapower, or any open, runtime environment.
  • Leverage assets to increase efficiency: Contivo’s repository-driven system brings parallelism to a traditionally serial integration process. The solution enables Architects, Business Analysts and Developers to leverage the work and knowledge stored in the repository, reducing the duplicate efforts and re-working that is common in typical integration environments.
  • Automate processes to conserve resources: Contivo automatically generates “starter maps” from models and transformation rules stored in the repository and then seamlessly creates code to run in existing middleware.
  • Accelerate productivity: Contivo helps teams implement iteratively, yielding dramatic reductions in effort. On average, our clients reduce time spent by 40 percent in the set-up of the first project and 70 percent during ongoing maintenance.

Liaison’s Contivo™ enterprise data integration and transformation solution has achieved SAP NetWeaver Integration Certification. Contivo’s platform-independent translation and semantic data transformation increases SAP productivity, improves collaboration and expands SOA support.