Liaison’s Data-Inspired Future Scholarships

Andrew Pulsipher Data-Inspired Future Scholarship!

Congratulations to Andrew Pulsipher, who is the recipient of Liaison’s fourth Data-Inspired Future Scholarship. Pulsipher is a student at Brigham Young University who is currently majoring in both computer engineering and Russian language studies. The $5,000 award will help Pulsipher pay for educational expenses while continuing his work developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms to optimize human-machine interaction by interpreting human behavior.

“I was so excited when I heard about the Data-Inspired Future Scholarship program because that’s how I see the future — everything is going to be based on data,” said Pulsipher. “The work I’ve done as an intern, a developer, and a research assistant has been focused on data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, which has been an incredible experience. This scholarship is wonderful because it allows me to focus on things I want to do in the future and the solutions I want to bring to the world. Data can drive some really amazing solutions.”

Pulsipher is currently working as a mobile app developer at a BYU lab, where he developed an iOS version of a party game used to collect data on human behavior to develop AI algorithms that optimize human-machine interactions. This summer, he interned at Beet Lab in Moscow, conducting foundational research for iOS apps driven by machine learning and developing prototypes while honing his Russian language skills through team collaboration. Earlier in the year, he also conducted AI research as an assistant in a BYU lab.

Pulsipher’s application for the Data-Inspired Future scholarship impressed the judges due to his ambitious pursuit of a dual major, academic excellence, significant work experience and compelling vision for the future. He submitted a 60-second video on the importance of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence; it can be viewed here.

In addition to his development work and academic career, Pulsipher has served as a full-time volunteer in Russia, where he learned the language, developed the language training program for volunteers in the region and traveled to 11 cities to perform service, teach classes, and train other volunteers. He served as program director for Student Voice, a BYU student association for improving campus life by implementing student suggestions. He was also a volunteer mentor at a youth camp, where he facilitated character growth and oversaw ranch activities.

View Andrew’s Winning Data-Inspired Future Video

Applications Now Being Accepted for Spring Semester 2019 Scholarship:
Deadline October 31, 2018

Award: One student will be selected each semester to receive a $5,000 scholarship
Application deadline for fall semester: May 31 (recipient announced by June 30)
Application deadline for spring semester: October 31 (recipient announced by November 30)
Submit entry to:

Are you fascinated by data and the role it plays in today’s (and tomorrow’s) society? Here at Liaison, we encourage our employees, customers, and YOU to ponder the many aspects of our lives and businesses that are impacted by good—or bad—data practices. How can we better leverage data to change industry? How can we best protect data and people’s privacy? What does the data-inspired future hold?

As the amount—and potential—of data continues to dramatically increase, the answers to these questions are sought by leading professionals of every field. So there’s no time like the present to wrap your mind around the many implications of ever-increasing data volume, variety, and velocity, and get a head start on your data-inspired career! That’s the purpose of this scholarship—to encourage and support students as they consider the influential role of data and apply their talents to drive innovation.

Requirements & Rules

  • Applicant must be a high school senior or college student
  • Applicant must submit a video entry (see video guidelines below)
  • Applicant must submit a resume
  • Applicant must specify the college he or she plans to attend as well as intended major/minor
  • Scholarship recipient has no obligation to Liaison Technologies
  • No submission of credit card or Social Security Number information is required to apply
  • The scholarship winner will receive the funds directly from Liaison. However, these funds must be used to pay for tuition at a qualifying college, university or technical school for continuing education.
  • To qualify, the school must be located within the United States of America or Canada. Exceptions can be made for international programs. However, this information must be disclosed at the time of the scholarship application.
  • This scholarship is available to citizens and legal permanent residents of the United States of America and Canada.
  • The scholarship is available to both undergraduate and graduate school applicants.

How to Apply

  1. Create a 30-60 second video that:
    • Discusses/explains/demonstrates an important aspect of data in today’s or tomorrow’s society
    • Includes one interesting fact about yourself plus the college you plan to attend and your intended major/minor
  2. Upload the video to a public URL such as YouTube or Vimeo
  3. Send an email to that includes:
    • The URL of your video
    • Your resume
    • Be sure to include the college you plan to attend and your intended major/minor in your email and resume as well

Thank you for your interest and good luck!

Namankita Rana Named Third Data-Inspired Future Scholarship Recipient!

Congratulations to Stevens Institute of Technology senior Namankita Rana, who is the recipient of Liaison’s third Data-Inspired Future Scholarship. Rana is simultaneously pursuing her Bachelor of Engineering degree in Engineering Management and Master of Science degree in Financial Analytics, with an expected graduation date of May 2019. She plans to use her scholarship from Liaison toward her final year in school.

“Receiving this scholarship is truly a blessing,” said Rana. “My goal is to use data science and machine learning to provide actionable insight and benefits to a cause that is bigger than me. Whether it’s working for a humanitarian organization like the United Nations or simply looking at open source data in my free time, I see myself using data science methods to analyze data and make predictions that will achieve some good. This scholarship aligns with my goal and the way I feel about data. It also helps with the expenses of obtaining two degrees so that I can focus on the future.”

Currently, Rana is interning at Credit Suisse where she works in a data science role within Cyber Security, helping to detect serious threats. Additionally, Rana has interned in machine learning and data science at New York Life where she developed predictive models to forecast mutual fund redemption values and to predict customer behavior. She also built data visualizations for life insurance products.

Rana’s application video discusses the importance of machine learning and how machines can use data to determine trends and then make predictions, highlighting Rana’s work developing machine learning models to predict the performance of a mutual fund.

Rana has completed several academic and independent projects during her time as a student. These include building a data model to discover factors influencing student performance in secondary schools and analyzing data to explore global trends in female education and enrollment.  Rana was previously the acting president of the Society of Women Engineers at Stevens Institute. She is a columnist for her college newspaper, discussing the experience of pursuing a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career as a female.

View Namankita’s Winning Data-Inspired Future Video

Zoe Sheill Wins Second Data-Inspired Future Scholarship!

Congratulations to Mercer Island High School senior Zoe Sheill, who is the recipient of Liaison’s second Data-Inspired Future Scholarship. Sheill, a National AP Scholar who scored a perfect 800 on the mathematics portion of the SAT, plans to use her scholarship from Liaison to major in computer science when she enters college next year.

“I’m honored to receive this scholarship from Liaison — it’s perfect for my future field of study,” Sheill said. “Artificial intelligence is changing the world, and data is driving amazing new breakthroughs every day. I’m incredibly excited about the possibilities, and I’m grateful to Liaison for this award, which will help me achieve my academic goals in a data-driven future.”

Although she’s still in high school, Sheill has an impressive list of achievements already. She successfully completed a paid internship at Microsoft, where she created a browser extension that extracts webpage metadata to save research citations. Sheill is currently interning at Pioneer Square Labs in Seattle, where she is working on an augmented reality content management system.

Sheill’s application video emphasizes data’s importance in driving AI breakthroughs, highlighting her work using open source software libraries for deep learning models and a project to automate test question generation using natural language processing.
A talented flutist, Sheill is a member of the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra and Principal Flutist in the All Northwest 6-State Band. She performed a concerto for flute with the Seattle Symphony. Sheill is president of Instruments for Change, a nonprofit organization that raises money to purchase instruments for low-income students in the Seattle area. Sheill also founded the Homeless Education and Living Project to raise money and collect goods for people in need.

View Zoe’s Winning Data-Inspired Future Video

Antonio Ferris, Our First Data-Inspired Future Scholarship Winner

Antonio is the worthy recipient of Liaison’s first-ever data-inspired future scholarship. He is now putting his scholarship earnings to good use at Stanford University, where he plans to pursue a career in cutting-edge data research to help expand machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) applications into new fields that will solve business and societal challenges.

“It’s a great honor to win this scholarship from Liaison, especially since it’s a perfect match for my field of study,” Ferris said. “One of my personal goals is to pay my own way through college, and this generous scholarship from Liaison Technologies really helps!”

“Our society is built on data, and it’s getting more complex, with data becoming deeply involved in how people live their lives,” he continued. “I’m fascinated by the possibilities to improve society with the ability to better analyze and take action based on new data-inspired insights.”

A National Merit Scholar and National AP Scholar, Ferris, who lives in Mesa, Arizona, already has an impressive list of accomplishments to his name. He developed and released a free smartphone app to help consumers calculate the true cost of credit card purchases and make smarter financial decisions. In 2015, he founded a non-profit that leverages technology to empower anyone to help solve world problems and formed a Science Helps chapter at his school. Ferris is proficient in numerous programming languages and 3D modeling, has participated in the highly selective Barrett Summer Scholars Program for Engineering, Stanford’s Speech and Debate Summer Institute, and completed Stanford’s Machine Learning class through Coursera while still in high school.

View Antonio’s Winning Data-Inspired Future Video

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