Liaison’s Managed Services for Master Data Management

Managing critical business data and processes both in and outside of the enterprise is no easy task. For today’s time and resource pressed companies, Liaison introduces our Managed Services for Master Data Management (MDM). Our MDM Managed Services combine proven technology solutions, processes and professional resources to help your business quickly consolidate, cleanse, rationalize and share data.

Data Management Made Easy

Liaison’s MDM Managed Services leverage the processes and approaches proven over thousands of data management projects with a cloud-based delivery platform and unparalleled professional expertise. By outsourcing your data management functions and initiatives to Liaison, you gain all the benefits of our widely deployed MDM solution:


  • Simplified delivery, infinite scalability: Liaison’s master data management solution removes complexity and cost by providing flexible, future-proofed cloud services that offer infinite scalability and real-time processing.
  • Easily customizable for maximum value: Unlike competing off-the-shelf solutions, Liaison’s MDM solution and services are fully customizable to your unique data needs and goals.
  • Lowest TCO: By combining the cost benefits of a cloud-based offering, easy customization and unsurpassed professional services, Liaison’s MDM solution and services are proven to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership available on the market today.
  • Flexible, global and comprehensive capabilities: Our data management solutions handle a variety of data formats, standards and compliance requirements. We also tackle complex data synchronization by extending your existing PIM, MDM or ERP data outside your firewall to business partners worldwide.
  • Complete community management: Liaison’s master data management solutions and services support complete community management for a wide variety of business partners – small to large, basic to sophisticated.

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