Data-Inspired Solutions


At Liaison, integration is at the heart of what we do to solve complex business problems for large enterprises. Whether it's connecting businesses to trading partners over a variety of protocols, connecting on-premise applications to cloud end points, or cloud-to-cloud integration, we deliver tailored integration solutions over our cutting-edge dPaaS solution, the Liaison ALLOY Platform™, that is used as building blocks to meet unique requirements. Complete real-time visibility can be achieved through the data visualization module, LENS™. We layer this with our service expertise and strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to offer you peace of mind.

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B2B/EDI IntegrationHybrid IntegrationCloud Services IntegrationManaged File Transfer (MFT)EMR-LinkElectronic Invoicing

Data Management

Data is one of your organization's most valuable resources. When fully leveraged, it will help your organization control costs, understand your customers and the market and, ultimately, improve your bottom line. Liaison's agile, cloud-based data management solutions provide that leverage, taking your data beyond basic integration and turning it into insightful and actionable information. In addition, Liaison's data management solutions not only empower our customers to solve classic challenges, such as master data management (MDM), but also to solve unique and custom issues.

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Custom Data ManagementHealth Data Management

Data Security

When it comes to security your business cannot afford to take risks. Especially if your organization deals with regulated data such as personally identifiable information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI) data, and protected health information (PHI). At Liaison, we have years of experience to not only take on the compliance onus of privacy standards, but also deliver a unique hybrid tokenization solution that helps you scale up to your growing business needs in real time.

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Endless Possibilities

Liaison's integration, data management, and security solutions are delivered via the cloud from the Liaison ALLOY™ Platform. ALLOY's modular architecture is built upon microservices to incorporate any combination of solutions and elegantly address varying degrees of complexity, customization, and power. Your data-inspired future never looked so good!

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