Data Tokenization in the Cloud

Strengthen data security while reducing your overall regulatory compliance burdens with Liaison Technologies’ cloud tokenization solution.

Solution Highlights

Reduced Risk

Replace sensitive data such as PCI, PHI, or PII throughout your systems with surrogate data, or tokens, vastly reducing the overall footprint of sensitive data.

Streamlined Compliance

Store sensitive data such as credit card or Social Security numbers in Liaison’s encrypted cloud, narrowing the scope of systems, applications, and processes that need to be audited for compliance with mandates such as PCI DSS or HIPAA.

Fully Managed Services

Let Liaison manage the day-to-day complexities of your tokenization and encryption operations and free your IT resources to focus on core competencies.

Format Preserving

Generate tokens that match the lengths and formats of existing data fields to avoid the need for back-end system modifications and allow data analysis operations to continue as usual.

Lower Costs

Eliminate the up-front costs associated with implementing an on-premises tokenization process, including software hardware, and expertise, and enjoy straightforward subscription pricing.

Efficient Payment Bypass

Minimize points of risk by allowing customers to bypass your systems altogether and transmit payment card data directly to Liaison’s cloud.

Discover how the Liaison ALLOY™ Platform delivers cutting-edge cloud tokenization

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There is a fine balance between making data accessible across your organization and ensuring it is protected from unauthorized access. Finding this balance is especially critical when dealing with payment card data or other types of regulated data. Delivered from the Liaison ALLOY™ Platform, our cloud tokenization technology successfully manages the competing objectives of access and security by substituting sensitive data throughout your systems with format preserving tokens. All sensitive data is encrypted and stored in a central vault that persists on the Liaison ALLOY™ Platform, narrowing the scope of on-site systems that need to be audited for compliance with mandates such as PCI DSS or HIPAA.

Liaison’s tokenization removed 98 percent of our 400 back-end systems from scope for PCI DSS compliance and gives me great confidence that our customers are well protected.

Florian Yanez
Director of Information Security, Helzberg

Looking for Liaison Protect?

In addition to the tailored cloud tokenization solutions we design and deliver from ALLOY using our Liaison Protect TaaS microservice, Liaison also offers an on-premises tokenization solution called Liaison Protect.

Why stop at tokenization?

Liaison can consolidate all your data security, integration, and data management activities on our future-proof cloud platform.

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