Data Transformation Solutions

With the Power of Data Portability, the Sky’s the Limit

The way to data integration is paved with roadblocks. If your company is like most, your biggest hurdle is making sure your information systems, applications and processes can easily share information.

Liaison’s data transformation solutions accomplish just that. Our data modeling, mapping and migration offerings knock down data sharing barriers so you can automate and consolidate business processes across and outside of your business.

What Sets Liaison Apart

No matter how ambitious or complex your integration goals may be, Liaison offers a range of data transformation products, all designed to simplify your data translation and semantic integration challenges by:

  • Supporting any environment, any protocol
  • Delivering open, portable and reusable data maps that eliminate the need for redundant resource and cost investments
  • Providing automated, intuitive data transformation solutions that deliver efficiency, speed and ease-of-use
  • Offering on-premise, cloud-based or hybrid solutions for every data transformation challenge – large or small
  • Offering a full menu of managed, professional and consulting services